Welcome to Neural Fatigue! A music review site that will cover a vast array of albums by various artists and songwriters. I will review the things that I like and strike a chord with me. I won’t review things that I didn’t like or that I’m still undecided on. This way it allows me to keep the focus positive.

I will also review things that are video game or video game-like eccentricities from Amiga demos, Video Game Soundtracks or remake/remix albums, electronic music, Rock music, Metal music. Music that is intended for video game content, or whatever relates. If I end up digging it I will end up reviewing. I am hoping for a cool and positive experience. 

Some might be wondering why I went with the name Neural Fatigue for this website. I chose it because as a musician and music fan myself, to me anyways, you don’t just listen to music you also feel it, see it, experience it in many ways. How makes your nerve endings tingle and the hairs on your body stand straight up when you really dig what you are listening to.

So if you do not like the name I have given the site that is all on you. Not my problem and I am not about to change it to please you or anyone else. Start your own trip would be my suggestion.

I have been wanting to do this site for a long while since my friend over at Old School Game Blog had been posting about Commodore/Amiga video demos. So don’t forget to head on over and give his blog a shot, especially if you are a fan of anything related to Commodore and Amiga. 


If you enjoy what I write, cool. If not, that is cool too. But please keep rude comments off of my blog because I will end up deleting anything that is abusive and harassing.