Update: Almost Forgot

One thing that I forgot to mention in the previous update is that I am contemplating creating a related podcast series to Neural Fatigue but with one difference. Instead of reviewing or going over the same things that I write about on this site I would actually highlight the more unknown artists that I find through Bandcamp. 

I would like to go over a good mixture of bands that I have discovered through Bandcamp that I have either purchased their music or they have released for free. Possibly focusing on maybe three to four bands at a time and giving my thoughts on a given release. 

One thing I might or might not do is review certain YouTube channels that I dig. If I do go this route I might possibly also include an interview section on the podcast provided I am able to get the chosen band or individual to want to do the interview as well as be able to get the time for it all. 

If I cannot get the time I will just keep the podcast episodes on what I have previously mentioned. 

So for right now we’ll see how things work out or if I can allot some time to work it all out.

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