Update: Reviews, Personal Life, and Stuff

I just wanted to give a quick update before I unleash a few reviews I have been planning on publishing for a while but life and work had been putting everything on the back burner for quite some time. I won’t get too personal just a heads up as to why my output is super slow.

My current job has been keeping my current writing output as well as many other projects either on hold or pushing to a sludgy, slow progression. Being that my laptop is my predominant tool for writing I really do not feel like taking it to my job for the fact that I do not have nowhere else to store it other than inside my car or the trunk of my car. I also live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It may not get as hot as Phoenix but it gets pretty damn, especially since we are still in the last throes of summer. 

I am not giving up on finding Amiga demos, I just don’t have much to write about at the moment. I have been trying to find anyone who creates their own demos; from music to graphics that is what I am looking for. I really do not want to touch on remixes or reiterations of something that has been. With just audio I give this a bit of a leeway, but with something that is visual heavy like an Amiga demo I really want to find things that are unique and original. 

One thing is that YouTube is my main source for searching for this type of stuff since I don’t have an Amiga of my own (nor the space to keep it if I purchase one), and I really am nowhere near a novice to try to mess with emulation. It is one of those things that boils down what I have time for.

I am not giving up hope on this, but I am not putting too much concentration on it at this time. If you have something you think I should check out and meets the criteria for what I am looking for in an Amiga demo then shoot it my way in the comments section below.

I do have music to review that I have been listening to for a while and music that I need to get around to taking a listen and letting it sink in for a review. Everyone will just have to be a bit patient and just check back every once in a while. 

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