Review: Band-Maid – Just Bring It

BM JB 2017

Band-Maid – Just Bring It

One thing I can definitely say is that I really love Pop-Rock. Especially if they are actual bands over a group of singers with a backing band. A full-on band is just awesome to me. 

I had first heard of Band-Maid while reading an article on about young all-female bands in Japan and what a lot of them go through just to be able to release, play, and work on music. The nice thing about the article was that it did focus on actual bands rather than the usual all-female pop groups which is just a bunch of singers with a backing band behind them. I have a high amount of respect for anyone male or female who can play any type of musical instrument and the amount of practice they put in it to play well. I was actually drawn to the music over the image, I just really liked what I was hearing, especially after needing a break from the Baby Metal fad (you could say the novelty had pretty much run its course).

I had purchased the bands first two albums and the only available E.P. through iTunes. The music was a big mix of pop and rock. I do like that this band has a tendency to go in a Rock heavy direction, but that isn’t to say a lot of the songs haven’t had their sugary, poppy moments as well. But for album three, “Just Bring It”, I wanted to get my hands on a physical copy. So I ordered it through Amazon, the CD came in one of those clear jewel cases where the center always breaks, but the CD was unharmed. 

I did have a good laugh at the blurb one the sticker that was printed on the cellophane when I opened the envelope.

What I did like with this album is that the Rock elements were a bit more at the forefront, and that the Pop leanings were a bit more minimal. That isn’t to say some of the songs didn’t have their poppy moments, it just wasn’t as sugary this time around. One thing that was really noticeable was that the guitars were definitely a lot heavier than the previous albums, accompanied by some really punchy drums. I’m a sucker for hard hitting drums. The only thing I didn’t like was one song that sounded like the producer or someone behind the scenes wanted them to try something similar musically to Baby Metal. In all honesty this band definitely doesn’t need that nor the comparison.

Easily my favorite songs on this album are: “Don’t You Tell Me”, “YOLO”, “Puzzle”, “Cross”, “You”, “Secret My Lips”. There is more, but you will have to listen to the album to find the ones that you might dig. 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional reviewer! I write reviews to gush about the music and aural ear candy that I enjoy. Thank you for your time.


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