Review: A Tribute To Jochen Hippel


A Tribute To Jochen Hippel

I was going to review this first but I really wanted to give it a proper amount of time so I can soak it in. Especially since I didn’t know who Jochen Hippel was. From what I had looked up I know that he produced music for some Atari ST games and demos, which is another computer/gaming machine that I don’t know anything about. 

I do not remember how I came across this collection of remixes; whether my friend at Old School Game Blog had made a post about it or if I had found it through another website I do not remember.

When it comes to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and many other types of electronic music I don’t really know a lot about it. I know there are some groups that I dig, some that I don’t, and some that I am ambivalent about. I don’t have much of a basis of comparison. Though I would say that if you dig stuff like Daft Punk, Chicago’s Gatekeeper, and many more that aren’t coming to mind you would really dig this. 

I like that this compilation is a bit moody. Not everything is super upbeat and happy, I like that everything has dynamics and movement. I especially love the proggy, spacey feel of the music. It makes me wish I had a giant pair of 1970’s or 1980’s headphone to crawl up in to and just zone out on the music. 

One song that I particularly like is Wings Of Death (Level 01) because it sounds like it would be a good replacement for the original Sonic The Hedgehog games if they ever gave them a touch up and redid the music. It would also be cool for like a Shoot Em Up game too. Although if you were to pin me down for a definitive favorite track that would have to go to Many Sheep In Outer Mongolia, it has this cool, urgent, spacey feel to it as if you were playing Shoot Em Up with some kind of racing element or a space racer kind of thing as if you were just blazing through the stars in your own star cruiser.

I know that most of these songs are from various video games that Jochen Hippel had previously worked but these remixes make them sound like they would fit in with any type of spacey, sci-fi game that runs the gamut from retro to current. Even though this music was originally written and released in the 1990’s some of the songs do have a feel as if they were released in the 1980’s as well. 

In short this is just the coolest, spacey, proggy, electronic remixes of video game/computer game music. I think the German Remix Group did a fantastic job. I have been keeping this one in my playlist constantly. 

Favorite tracks are: Many Sheep In Outer Mongolia, Amberstar (Title Theme), and Wings Of Death (Level 01).

You can grab a copy of this album for free here: A Tribute To Jochen Hippel

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  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂 Glad to see the new blog up and running! Looks great!

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    1. desertpunk68 says:

      Thank you. 🙂 It took a while to finally get it up and running. Hopefully I can get more posts up.

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      1. You are welcome. 🙂 I’m currently writing a post about your blog now… 😉

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      2. desertpunk68 says:

        Awesome! Thank you. 😀

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  2. Gerry says:

    For me, this selection of remixes was a mixed bag. I prefer Hippel-remixes by Spiral and ACC:Xess. In case you are interested, you could visit my website which features an extensive section about Jochen Hippel.


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